History of Sudha Hospital

Our History

Sudha Hospital is a 40 year old Institution dedicated to the betterment of human life through competent & compassionate medical care at affordable prices for common man.
Sudha Hospital started its journey on 6th July 1972 with Dr Prasad Rao who was a lone General Surgeon in the entire district with a small clinic. The journey was long and illustrious during these decades.
In 1985 the clinic has grown to a 10 bedded hospital with one small OT. In 2006 Dr Ravi Shankar who is a Gastro Surgeon joined Dr Prasad Rao is also a son of Dr Prasad Rao. From here the journey took a new turn.
In 2007 the hospital was made to 50 bedded and then in 2008 the Aarogyasree empanelment took Place. The No of specialties also increased with the empanelment. The specialties like Gastro Surgical, Orthopedics, Urology, Pediatrics, Gynecology & Obstetrics were added to the existing services. Later during the period other private Insurances like Mediasist, TTK, HDFC, etc were added to the empanelment. During this period the State Govt Empanelment also took Place.
Recently in 2015 a new building got added taking the hospital bed strength increased to 130 beds. New facilities like Cardiac, CT, CathLab and Fertility Centre have also been added.
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