Sudha Hospital is a multispeciality hospital with the most comprehensive orthopaedic superspeciality treatment provided by a team of experienced surgeons. Patients with acute Orthopaedics trauma would be taken care. Our team has performed more than 2000 surgeries successfully in the last 5 years. This success has created a positive impact on the patients and hence there is a steady growth in Orthopaedic surgeries.
We are equipped with the state of the art, 3 modular operation theatres which ensures a noncontaminated, bacteria free environment conducive for replacement surgeries.

Orthopaedics Speciality Surgeries:
Trauma and Knee Replacement Surgeries :
a) Open reduction + internal fixation
b) Closed reduction + IM nailing
c) External fixation
d) Open reduction + DHS fixation
e) Closed reduction + PFN nailing
f) Knee Replacement Surgeries.
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