Patient Stories

Sudha Hospital found a place in the hearts and homes of people in West Godavari District very early-on in the 1970s itself, due to its Founder Dr Prasad Rao’s untiring efforts in providing the best possible medical care in and around Tanuku. The hospital established its reputation in the entire East and West Godavari Districts and even as far as the Southern Khammam District of Telangana. Sudha Hospital and Dr Prasad Rao became well-known for not only betterment of human life through excellent medical care and compassion, but often saving lives literally from the very jaws of death from extremely dangerous accidents like in the following episodes:

Milkman & the Farmer

This is an incident that happened in 1973. A milkman from Kaldhari (6Km from Tanuku) travelled early mornings by train with his large milk-cans to supply to nearby towns and returned in a few hours with empty cans, every day. In order to avoid hitting the alighting passengers on the platform side, with his cans, he used to throw them down from the train and jump-off from the opposite side.
One fateful morning as he threw his cans and jumped-out, just that moment, he encountered an old farmer with a long, thin stick trying to climb up the coach. As luck would have it, the stick pierced right from his anus through the front wall of the stomach.
In those days the station was small with just one platform and the railway-crossing was nearby. A Lions Club event was on, the same day and a few members were just crossing in their car. The good Samaritans immediately lifted the milkman and brought him to Sudha Hospital and his life was saved. The man is grateful to this day.

The MPs grandson

At 6:30 am one morning in 1978, Dr Prasad Rao found himself being woken-up by a visibly agitated, local Member of Parliament (MP). He had in his arms a little six-year old -boy, his grandson, with his abdomen cut-open and the bowels spilling out, wrapped only with a towel. The cut was 3-4 inches long and boy needless to say, was bleeding profusely.
It so happened that the little one was brushing his teeth that morning when the tragedy happened. He was too small to reach the tap in the basin and as children would do, he jumped and tried to balance himself on the basin as he washed his hands. The ceramic basin broke-down cutting open his stomach.
Soon Dr Prasad Rao’s expert hands stitched him up and the boy was out of the Operations Theatre in a few hours. While he was still under critical care, news of a similar incident broke out in the town. A young farmer was found gashed by bull out in the fields. As soon as he was found that morning, he was rushed to the nearby Govt. Hospital but succumbed to his injuries.
The family on hearing this feared the worst for the little boy, but he was soon discharged from Sudha Hospital fully recovered. Today he is happily married with children and in regular touch with Dr Prasad Rao and Dr Ravi Sankar.

Young boy with Diaphragmatic hernia

A 17-year old boy came in 2005 with pain in abdomen. On evaluation, the X-Ray showed that his left lung had collapsed. The boy had fever and vomiting. Ultrasound showed fluid in the abdomen. Intestinal parts were moving into left side of Chest.
The boy actually had congenital diaphragmatic hernia. A diaphragmatic hernia is a birth defect in which there is an abnormal opening in the diaphragm. The diaphragm is the muscle between the chest and abdomen that helps you breathe and separates the two parts of the body. The abnormal opening allows part of the organs from the belly (stomach, spleen, liver, and intestines) to go up into the chest cavity near the lungs.
Whenever the boy felt pain, instead of getting the problem corrected, he was given pain killers. Due to this he developed stomach ulcers that led to multiple perforations (holes) and eventually massive infection.
When the boy was admitted to Sudha Hospital, Dr RaviSankaroperated, washed the fluids/pusin the stomach, pulled all abdominal contents into abdominal cavity, isolated area with multiple gastric perforations, repaired that part of stomach wall and closed. Then he washed left side thoracic cavity, put ICD tube into thorax and closed the hernia. Following surgery the boy is doing all normal functions without any pain. .

A 60-year old benefits highly from Bariatric surgery

Bariatric Surgery – Gastric Bypass In 2013, a 60-year old man weighing 120 Kgs came to see Dr Ravi Sankar, Laparoscopic & Bariatric Specialist at Sudha Hospital, Tanuku. Previously this patient had met an Orthopedic surgeonin Rajahmundry, with knee joints pain. The surgeon suggested joint replacements for both the knees. However, before that he advised him to reduce at least 30-40 kgs. The patient also had diabetes for 18 years and high blood pressure for 15 years. At Sudha Hospital he underwent a “Gastric Bypass”following which on the 2nd day itself, his blood sugar came down to normal and he stopped insulin injections. Two months after surgery his Blood Pressure also came to normal levels. 6 months after surgery the patient weighed 65 Kgs. He didnot even have to go for knee replacement as the pain on his knees had disappeared!

A young lady gets new life

Bariatric Surgery - Sleeve gastrectomy
A young 27-year old Engineer weighing 92 Kgs came to see Dr Prashanti at Sudha Hospital in 2011. She had elevated sugar levels. On account of her obesity she suffered from Polycystic Ovaries (PCO) leading toirregular periods and anovulation. She underwent Sleeve Gastrectomy at Sudha Hospital with Dr Ravi Sankar. Four months after surgery she weighed just 67 Kgs. Her sugar levels came to normal and periods became regular. Soon she got married and became a happy mother within 2 years.

A giant fibroid defeated!

Myomectomy In Jan 2015 a 21-year old, unmarried, young lady teaching at a private school came to see Dr Prashanti with a giant fibroid measuring 25x25 cms. A thin girl her stomach alone was enlarged andshe looked like 9-month pregnant.
Previously she had seen a few other doctors who warned her that her uterus cannot be saved while removing the fibroid. Being unmarried, she was concerned about this and kept postponing her surgery till she met a doctor who could save her uterus as well.A Myomectomy was done by Dr Prashanti and the patient’s uterus is intact. The patient has recovered well and is looking forward to a normal life.

Renewed hope for a young Mother

Laparoscopic Recanalization and HSG A young couple, both less than 30 years of age, were happy parents of a little girl and a boy. The mother, only 26 –year old had previously undergone Tubectomy as they did not want any more children. Recently they lost their little son in a tragic incident.
They approached Dr Prashanti at Sudha Hospital to explore having another child. A Laparoscopic Tubal Recanalization was done to reconnect her fallopian tubes and also HystroSalpingogramwas done to assess the status of uterus and fallopian tubes. The treatment was successful and the couple is hopeful again.

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